Our activity type is physical and medical rehabilitation. Our daily work is fulfilled by certified physiotherapists graduated from the Riga Stradin University (the Medical Academy of Latvia) and who follow all new innovations in their specialty and constantly perfect their qualifications. We are always open to co-operation with other specialists such as family physicians, rehabilitators, neurologists, surgeons etc.

In our Center you will get the necessary treatment with or without an appointment card at a time convenient to you till 9 p.m. 

Director - Laimdota Karpinska, the certified physician, the RSU master.


  • Consultations (including examination, function analysis, physical rehabilitation plan, patient education).
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures (including therapeutic exercises with elements of massage therapy, manual therapy and heat and cold therapy).
  • Remedial gymnastics (an individual program together with the physician) in cases of backache and hernia of the spinal column by applying a special program stabilizing the spinal column for women in puerperium, for patients in the post-trauma or post-deformation periods.
  • Ambulant rehabilitation in the post-trauma period.
  • Spinal column, neck stretch (long seated work with computer).
  • Physical procedures – magnetic laser therapy (arthropathy, backaches), ultrasonic therapy (post-trauma therapy with and without medicines, arthropathy), Bioptron- phototherapy (soft parts, arthropathy, backaches), TENS (analgesic influence) and other procedures.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Bobat therapy (exercises for infants).
  • Exercises for pregnant women (in small groups).


A physiotherapist is a health professional, who does a preventive treatment, evaluation, analysis and cure of physical and functional defects using physiotherapeutic technologies. (From the physiotherapy specialty regulations).A physiotherapist fulfils a physical inspection of your muscles and joints, determines the cause of Your aches and physical inability even if traditional diagnostic methods have not solved these specific problems, offers and effective surgery-substitute way how to eliminate the aches and the inability, and therefore it is an ideal choice how to cure backaches.



  • Physiotherapy helps people.

  • Physiotherapy teaches to help oneself.

  • Physiotherapy helps to restore motions and functions, to lessen ache, to overcome an illness and injury. 

  • Physiotherapy helps people with different physical abilities and of different ages. 

  • Physiotherapy treats people with illnesses of the musculoskeletal system:

  1. Neck aches, stiffness,

  2. Knee, pelvis, shoulder joint injuries and deformations,

  3. Back stiffness, disk hernias,

  4. Rehabilitation after an apoplectic attack,

  5. Preventive treatment of osteoporosis for women in menopause,

  6. Scoliosis (according to Katherine Shrothe’s 3-dimensional scoliosis therapy).

  7. Backaches of pregnant women and women in puerperium,

  8. Exercises for infants according to the Bobat method.

  9. Gives advice in the ergonomics, working place arrangement, teaches an individual exercise program for work at home, 

  •  Physiotherapy teaches people to understand their bodies, illnesses and movements without pain.

  •  Physiotherapy teaches people to be independent!